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Milano, MI

Milano da bere

It is not easy to tell 200 years of history just with a glass, but the Ramazzotti brothers succeed in this almost impossible mission that has brought their Amaro to be one of the greatest italian liquor to drink at the end of the dinner. In 2015 the company celebrated two centuries of activity and, believe it or not, the recipe is still unchanged from that moment. A perfect combination of 33 herbs, spices and roots from all over the world: these are the ingredients that, used from the beginning, allow Amaro Ramazzotti to have that unique and characteristic taste. In 1815, Amaro Felsina Ramazzotti was born inside a small workshop in the center of Milan. Ausano Ramazzotti, a pharmacist from Bologna, invented a harmonious blend of 33 herbs and spices to soak in high-quality alcohol (it was the first of its kind that doesn’t have wine as base). Not far from La Scala Theater in Milan, in 1848, the first Ramazzotti Bar opens: a revolutionary format that entertains Milanese guests to taste Amaro Ramazzotti instead of coffee. In 1872 the Ramazzotti heirs decided to move the production of Amaro Ramazzotti, at the time at the height of his success with the famous blue and red label, in a larger building not far from the previous one. In 1943, because of the bombings of the Second World War, the production plant of Amaro Ramazzotti was destroyed, but, in 1959, the company, headed by Guido Ramazzotti, rises stronger than ever with a new factory and with an effective export strategy to conquer world markets; since then Amaro Ramazzotti has been present in more than thirty countries worldwide. The French Group Pernod Ricard decides to acquire the company that, since 1985, has been able to strengthen its brand image that became icon of the Italian life style. In the same year, Marco Mignani, an Italian advertiser appointed to create a slogan for Amaro Ramazzotti advertisement, contrived the famous slogan “Milano da bere” that litterally means “Milan to drink”, becoming the city marketing of an era. The slogan accompanied the images of the Milanese day, a city that “reborn every morning, pulsates like a heart; Milan is positive, optimistic, efficient; Milan is to live, dream and enjoy “, shown according to the technique of accelerated frames, closing with the slogan “Milano da bere”. Amaro Ramazzotti exceeds, in 2009, the bound of 10 million liters sold, becoming the first Italian Amaro exported in the world. Among the main ingredients of the ancient recipe of Amaro Ramazzotti we have the orange peel from Sicily, star anise, cardamom and cloves, which are reduced to powder and mixed with caramelized sugar and alcohol. It has 30% alcohol content in the classic version and 32% in the Ramazzotti Menta variant. At the sight it is clear, with shades of deep brown color; the nose is intense, harmonious, with hints of orange peel and aromatic herbs; the taste is full-bodied, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, leaving a pleasant persistence in the mouth. Mainly it is a product that is consumed neat, as a digestive at the end of the dinner, but we encourage you to try it cocktail to show its immense versatility.

Martina Proietti[:]