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Lanciano, CH

The Jannamico Michele & Figli S.P.A. Distillery boasts over a century of experience and currently they are the fourth generation of liquorists, the fundamental cornerstone of their work is the careful selection of raw materials and suppliers. In fact, the founder Francesco Jannamico imported Rhum from the Antilles and the Caribbean and at the same time gave life, through study and dedication, to what in many parts of the world is seen as “the Abruzzese Punch”. He made it known with his long journeys in different countries thanks to his wide horizons that went well beyond the small reality of Villa Santa Maria. The distillery was founded in Villa Santa Maria in 1888 and, migrating over time, it has been established in Lanciano, in the province of Chieti, since 1946. One of the best Amari of the JMEF distillery is Amaro D’Abruzzo ’77. The idea of the creation of this Amaro comes from the desire to rework the ancient recipe of a Punch composed of orange, lemon, tangerine, black tea and caramel with an alcoholic base of Rhum. Amaro D’Abruzzo ’77 reflects the recipe of the ancient Punch being composed of a blend of Rhum, quality white sugar and the infusion of citrus peel mainly coming from the Galgano area. With an alcohol content of 30 ABV Amaro D’Abruzzo ’77 has a fresh and spicy aroma. On the palate it is, although slightly sweetish, well balanced with citrusy orange and lemon hints. Amaro D’Abruzzo ’77 is great as a sweet after meal, for an invigorating drink and, why not, as a main ingredient in the recipes for new cocktails.

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