Amaro Obsession


Chianciano Terme, SI

The passion of Gabriello Santoni, founder of the Santoni Distillery, has always been guided by quality. This great passion allowed him, in 1961, to realize his greatest dream: to create, in Chianciano Terme, the Amaro with the map, an accurate blend of herbs and roots, precious expressions of an extraordinary territory. The undisputed protagonist of consumption in Chianciano Terme premises since the days of La Dolce Vita Felliniana, Gabriello Santoni’s portfolio has established itself over the years as a symbol of Italian Life Style. The artisanal care combined with a fervent innovative spirit, which have distinguished the company since the 1960s, has allowed Gabriello Santoni to reach a high level of refinement in flavors and production methods. Created with raw materials of absolute quality and made with traditional procedures and recipes, Santoni’s liqueurs continue a path of continuous growth in new markets, in fact the company has today enriched its range with products created for consumers intrigued by trends and tastes modern. Amaro di Chianciano, the spearhead of the production, is an Amaro made with an infusion of 34 very secret herbs and medicinal plants long macerated before being pressed. A product rich in perfumes and capable to preserve all the healthy properties of the ingredients used in the preparation. With a bitter-sweet taste with persistent notes of rhubarb and licorice, Amaro di Chianciano, with 16 ABV, has a refined aroma, rich in scents of roots and medicinal plants.

Martina Proietti