Amaro Obsession



Pinerolo, TO

It was 1908 when the Albergian Hotel was born in Pragelato (TO) with inside the shop of the Albergian Alpine Products Specialty House. Serafino Ponsat, esteemed hotel concierge, after having worked in the best accommodation facilities in Paris, Lyon and Nice and dreamed of this day for the last twenty years of the nineteenth century, he could finally see his pioneering project realised. Amaro Albergian is still part of the typicality of the company today which, made through the careful infusion of dog rose, elderberry, gentian and many other botanicals, has made the history of Piedmontese after-dinner over the years, never bowing to the rules of mass production.

Tasting Notes

Alcohol content: 25 ABV

Color: caramel with golden reflections

Smell: aromatic scents of alpine herbs and flowers

Taste: pleasantly bitter and balanced with hints of gentian

Aftertaste: floral with hints of almond

Matteo Zed