Amaro Obsession



Casale Monferrato, AL

TheAmaro Casaleis born from an ancient recipe of the Luparia family of San Martino di Rosignano (AL). Symbol of the liqueur production of the Magnoberta Distillery (taken over by Rinaldo and Giuseppe Luparia in 1937), theAmaro Casale is a dedication to Casale Monferrato, or the city that has housed the distillery walls since 1918. Amaro Casale has remarkable tonics, digestive and regenerating, thanks to the skilful maceration alcohol content of twelve botanicals including saffron, ambrette, cinchona and zedoaria; since 2015 he has been wearing a new and more captivating dress, while remaining tied to the tradition that has made him unequivocally the flagship of the company.

Tasting Notes
Alcohol content: 25 ABV
Color: amber
Nose: vegetable and citrus
Taste: balanced between bitterness and sweet 
Aftertaste: medium persistence, slightly herbaceous

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