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Carmagnola, TO 

The history of Alpestre, symbol of the San Giuseppe Distillery, is closely linked to that of the Marist friars, a religious congregation born in France at the beginning of the 19th century. Friar Emanuele, botanical expert and Marist herbalist, driven by the need to produce a cordial against the most common ailments, developed, in 1857, the formula for a distillate made with 34 different herbs appropriately dosed, to be aged for at least four years in barrels of Slavonian oak. The very secret recipe did not, and still does not, include the use of sugar, nor of substances that sweeten the final flavor. Thyme, absinthe, lavender, angelica, fennel, tansy, sage, mint, lemon balm, isopus, lemon verbena and chamomile are just some of the botanicals necessary for the production of Alpestre, also available in a version that includes the addition of honey.

Testing Notes
Alcohol Content: 44 ABV 
Color: straw yellow 
Smell: vegetal and aromatic 
Taste: dry with strong herbaceous connotation
Aftertaste: excellent vegetal persistence 

Alpestre Riserva Speciale 1983 is a Alpestre selected for its qualities and for the exceptional aging in the cellars of Carmagnola (TO) of the San Giuseppe Distillery. Like every Millesimato, it offers distinctive olfactory and taste characteristics. During the extended period of aging in Slavonian oak barrels, which lasted ten years, the Alpestre Riserva Speciale 1983 has developed qualities of meditation elixir, releasing intoxicating herbaceous aromas and oak wood. 

Testing Notes
Alcohol Content: 49.5 ABV 
Color: straw yellow with golden reflections 
Smell: soft and herbaceous 
Taste: warm and enveloping with hints of wood 
Aftertaste: persistent, clean and vegetal

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