Amaro Obsession

2 summer cocktails with the 34 botanicals of Amaro Santoni

As an aperitif or sipped at the end of a meal, here are 2 exclusive drinks inspired by the most classic Americano or a Margarita to enhance this intense pink Tuscan liqueur.

Acqua Santa. No oxymoron to be linked to the world of mixing but it is a combination used here with good sense to geolocate us in one of the most thermal provinces of Italy. (At least) with the mind we move to the heart of Tuscany, to Chianciano Terme to be precise, a town of Etruscan foundation famous for the beneficial properties of its sulphurous waters to become a pilgrimage destination for what scientific research has shown to be "water holy ". Perhaps the prosperity of the territory in which the Santoni Distillery has been established since 1957 sorge la Distilleria Santoniis due to the preciousness of this water, founded by Gabriello Santoni and dedicated to the production of liqueurs and spirits, sought-after expressions of this extraordinary land.

This Italian brand takes its name from its founder and is known for the production of a wide selection of liqueurs and spirits linked to noble concepts such as family tradition, artisan quality and passion. Such high values ​​embodied by the patron Gabriello Santoni and such as to award him the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro of the Italian Republic, becoming for all Cavaliere Gabriello. A prestigious Italian recognition that enhances his commitment as an entrepreneur who in his own economic sector has contributed to social, occupational and technological development and to the growth of the prestige of “made in Italy”.

After a careful study there are 34 le 34 botanicals inside Amaro Santoni: Chinese rhubarb, rose, ireos, elderflower, ginseng, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, mint, sweet orange, bitter orange, cumin, artichoke , coriander, lemon balm, sage, angelica root, dog rose, lime, wormwood, cinchona, lavender, karkadè, cassia, galangal, quassio, centaurea, gentian, juniper, ginger, olive leaf, laurel, wild fennel. An avant-garde product that already looked to the future in 1961, when it was recreated on the basis of a very personal recipe by Gabriello Santoni. Among the 34 herbs that compose it, rhubarb, a root that comes from the East macerated for a long time before its infusion, is the predominant one, the same that contributes largely to the pink color of the liqueur. Wild fennel and artichoke, sage and ginseng meet, however, the delicacy of rose and lavender as well as the spicy hints of pepper and ginger. Its low alcohol content makesAmaro Santoni particularly versatile, ideal to be enjoyed neat or with ice but also to make drinks and cocktails.

We offer it exclusively in 2 versions revisiting an Americano and a Margarita.

Matteo Zed – Margarita Highball
  1. Cocktail Santoni ideal as an aperitif, this cocktail is inspired by the classic Americano. It can be easily mixed in a 'Build' way (therefore with all three ingredients in the glass) but here we offer it in a mixing glass with 3 cl of Amaro Santoni and 3 cl of red Vermouth with ice. After mixing it with a bar spoon for about 1 minute, pour it into an Old fashioned glass with a 5x5 ice cube, at the end with ginger beer as a top and to garnish a fragrant spiral rolled orange peel.
  2. Margarita Highball recommended for after dinner, this drink finds the square served in the glass of Gin Tonic or Cuba Libre, as the name suggests. 25 ml of Mezcal and 25 ml of Tequila added to 15 cl of Amaro Santoni with 22.5 ml of lime lime, flavored with agave syrup with berries; for the decoration a crust of black Himalayan salt.

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