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Can you imagine a drink that has all the characteristics of our beloved amari, but with an unexpected aftertaste of what is the most famous of the drupes, the olive? They did it! The product of an idea, caught by intuition, tasted of passion ... because brilliant ideas generate beautiful things! What more appropriate slogan to describe the development of this company, la Drupa s.r.l. born from the union of five friends, professional chemists, specialized in the sector of analysis and consultancy on food products and especially in the olive-growing. And from this derives the birth of an unprecedented project of its kind, to use the beneficial and bitter polyphenolic substances present in olives, combining them with the recreational and digestive aspects of an alcoholic drink, an idea that is innovative in the beverage industry. The Drupa S.r.l is located in Motta Camastra (ME),  charming city framed in the pleasant and wild valley of the Alcantara river. The choice of this place, moreover, has been the subject of careful attention. The microclimate of this area, the absence of industrial settlements, the flora and above all the water that gushes out extensive from the springs, make this portion of Sicily a unique territory both for its natural beauty and for the quality of the products that come from it. DRUP liqueur, the brand's first drink (DRUP), is the soul of olives, rigorously green, chosen from particular native Sicilian cultivars which is expertly mixed with natural aromas including citrus fragrances and which, combined with skill to other ingredients, it allows to obtain an intense pleasure experience, enclosed in a drink. Drup liquor is the result of the work and craftsmanship that Drupa puts into every phase of its production: there are no dyes or other synthetic products; only water, sugar, ethanol at 96% and the natural flavors mentioned above, all carefully selected with a manic obsession with quality. It's amber color, together with the pleasantly bitter taste and its soft and balanced flavor enclose the soul of the Drup, which skilfully combining it with the refinement in oak barriques for a timing of over six months, gives its warm thrill to those who taste it. Excellent as an aperitif, after dinner or to be used in mixing, so we are definitely talking about a product that would seem to have all the credentials to take place next to our most appreciated liqueurs. The Drup brand also presents other interesting articles: "DRUP AMARO ... bitter drops of green olives", characterized by an alcohol content of about 30 ABV and a strong bitter taste, but expertly balanced; "DRUP VERMOUTH ... gold of Alcantara valley", fortified wine based on DRUP and natural flavors; "DRUP LEMON" liqueur characterized by an alcoholic degree of about 25 ABV in which the fresh notes of fine lemons meet the DRUP; "DRUP T" Tincture by an alcohol content of 60 ABV, the result of the same hand as the previous articles, to be used as an addition for special drinks. Innovation, quality and progress characterized the brand of this growing company. Are you curious to try one of their products too?

Valeria Tummolo

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