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Hello Riccardo, it is a real pleasure for us to be able to learn from you as much as possible about Amaro Viparo. Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello Martina, my name is Riccardo Mostarda and I represent, together with my cousin Filippo, the fourth generation to lead the family business that has produced Amaro Viparo for more than a century. I grew up with the love for this liqueur which embodies the intuition of its creator Metello Morganti and the dedication with which his family over time has been able to carry on the company.

Amaro Viparo: reality of Umbrian excellence over a century old. Could you tell us how this bitter historian was born? 

As I mentioned earlier, it was Metello Morganti in 1912, a pharmacist well known and respected in the Terni environment, who created and patented the Amaro Viparo: name born from the union of the Latin words VIS and PARIO (son-in-law strength). In the early 1900s, pharmacies were real herbalists, as the different drugs used to treat diseases were extracted from herbs and roots. So it was that Metello Morganti, to treat the digestive disorders of one of his clients, prepared an infusion to be used in drops that proved to be an effective medicine for digestion. Subsequently the step from the drops to the liqueur was very short! We have many testimonies in newspapers of the time where we can see a very particular curiosity: the letters written by the front of 1915-1918 by the Italian military who after the war actions refreshed themselves with the VIPARO and thanked Metello Morganti for this. 

The Amaro Viparo recipe was born more than a hundred years ago, can you tell us about the production process that gives life to the Amaro?

Of course Martina, with much pleasure. For the preparation of the Viparo we started, as it still does today, from the good alcohol that was mixed with the water and sugar until reaching an alcohol content of 20.9 degrees, then the extracts obtained from the pressing of the herbs and roots previously infused in alcohol and then to give the final color was added caramelized sugar obtained by burning the sugar itself in large pots placed on the fire and stirred continuously. All this took place in the back room of the Morganti Pharmacy, mixed in a large chestnut barrel and shaken manually by means of two large handles applied on the barrel itself. Viparo today, even if the production processes have evolved over time, is still produced strictly following the original recipe patented by its inventor Metello Morganti. 

Riccardo, this new Amaro Mania that is conquering the entire globe sees the revival of many historical products and the production of many new Amari. Amari are consumed not only smooth in tasting but also mixed by the most creative bartenders. How do you see the consumption of Viparo? 

Viparo is a bitter liqueur with a flavor and versatility that makes it truly appreciated not only smooth, as is its nature, but also in aperitifs with new and imaginative associations that make it almost a must in trendy places. Amaro Viparo was born locally and for many years has represented a typicality of the Terni area, a tradition that comes from afar and is part of the experience of many generations; this did not however prevent him from being known elsewhere and today our goal is precisely to expand the presence of the Viparo to allow everyone to appreciate its taste and its properties. We collaborated with several bartenders who helped us create cocktails that went well with our project and with this type of Amaro ... fantastic result! Seeing is believing!

What are the objectives of the fourth generation driving Amaro Viparo?

As mentioned previously, our goal is to make the Viparo known all over the world, the competition is high I know, but we focus on the quality that has always distinguished us and on the local typicality, characteristics that give the Amaro Viparo uniqueness and palatability towards an increasingly demanding and attentive market. We have recently included our company among the centenary companies of our territory and we are developing new projects to expand our products, always following the criteria of quality and tradition that have always characterized us.

Martina Proietti

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