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Brendan and his wife Laura started creating theAmaro Økar in 2015 as the right way to show and share with the whole world the extraordinary and unique flavors of Australian native ingredients. What inspired them was the great variety of botanicals that Australia is rich in and with which they create tasty drinks! From the start the great botanical choice that the land offered them could only push them in a natural way to invest in the most botanical spirits on the market: Gin and obviously Amaro. Brendan and Laura have never tried to reproduce an Italian Amaro, but have tried to create a unique Amaro, a 100% Australian Amaro, therefore it is important to understand that the result is a spirit from the concept of “Island Amaro” remotely close to the Italian concept of Amaro. A bitter Amaro that crosses with its characteristics the Italian, Asian and Polynesian cultures in one sip. However, trying to get a product as close as possible to Australian culture, using ingredients native to Australia's ancient coastal rain forests. Økar 's recipe contains 16 different botanicals, 8 of which come and available only in the Australian continent, starting with Riberries (a quality of autochthonous berries of the continent), Davidson Plums, Eucalyptus Strawberry, Eucalyptus Piperita, Wild Thyme, Finger Limes and autochthonous Ribes. The botanicals undergo an alcohol maceration for about four weeks, before being mixed and left to rest before bottling. The bottle packaging aims to represent the ancient Island nature of the land to which it belongs - a reflection of Australia's places, lands, lifestyle and culture - and the many colors of its landscape! The name derives from the phonetic way in which the Australian accent pronounces the word “ocher” - which is the color of their land. In these four years theAmaro Økar has improved a lot and has achieved a balance in its production and consolidated its position on the Australian market. Today Økar is a very good Amaro, slightly sweet and with a refreshing natural acidity thanks to the vitality of its ingredients, fruit of the rainforest of the Australian coast.

Tasting Notes
Alcohol content: 24 ABV
Color: Ruby Red
Smell: Herbaceous with balsamic hints
Taste: Incredibly unique, fruity and fresh flavor thanks to Riberries and balsamic notes of Eucalyptus. Bitter at the right point with a good acidity thanks to the Davidson Plums in the mix.
Feedback: Wild Bitter

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