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Niscemi, CL

With an unmistakable name, a real tribute to its patroness, as if wanting to immediately highlight the strong link it has with the history and traditions of its land, Amaronna is a new entrepreneurial reality dedicated to the production of Amari located in the Caltanissetta area, more precisely in Niscemi, a city that stands on a hill that has re-entered the part of the Erei Mountains and on the slopes of the Iblei. The Bruccoleri family, engaged for years in the food and wine sector, decided, a year and a half ago, to revive ancient recipes handed down from their ancestors from generation to generation. Armando Bruccoleri then, with the collaboration of his family, develops the recipe to produce a totally artisanal Amaro rich in eupeptic and antioxidant properties. To date, Amaronna 's portfolio includes six products inspired and dedicated to the beautiful land of Sicily, but the main product, first born in the Amaronnahouse, is theNiscemi Artichoke Amaro. Of the quality Artichoke Violet, this botany is the undisputed protagonist of the Sicilian heritage and the product of the Bruccoleri Family pays homage in an impeccable way. TheNiscemi Artichoke Amaronna (30 ABV) with its clean and vegetal taste enhances the unmistakable flavor of the Artichoke and also lets us recognize the typical slightly tannic sensation given by the use of its leaves which, together with other secret botanies, make this is an Amaro with an extra gear. To confirm the excellence of the production of this small company we can nominate the Golosario Award 2019 as the best innovative product in the liqueurs and spirits sector won by Amaronna during the 2019 edition of Vinitaly. The other products, no less interesting and of quality, produced by the Bruccoleri family are: Amaro alla Melagrana, Amaro alla Maracuja, Amaro al Ficodindia di San Cono, Amaro all'Arancia di Sicilia and Amaro with Black Mulberry from Etna. The red thread of this production is the close link with the territory and with Sicilian traditions: still today the infusions are made with completely artisanal methods according to the centuries-old recipes handed down in the family from generation to generation.

Martina Proietti

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