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Amaro Cinpatrazzo

United States Of America

Chicago, Illinois

Produced in Chicago, Illinois, and introduced to the market in October 2016, Amaro Cinpatrazzo was born from a thirty-year passion for Amaro. Pat studied architecture in Florence in the 1970s and fell madly in love with Italian Amaro, thanks to its complexity in taste and the digestive properties that distinguish it. From that moment on, every Pat's journey to Italy included discovering and tasting a new Amaro. Behind the Brand Cinpatrazzo c’è una bellissima coppia di sposini appunto, Pat Magner che come già detto ha un background fiorentino risalente a quasi 40 anni fa, dove ha sviluppato il gusto e una passione per l’Amaro. Tale amore fu così forte ed esplosivo che portò Pat a decidere di mollare una carriera in architettura per la  passione di produrre liquori. Al suo fianco c’è sua moglie e socia Cindy Tegtmeyer: Cindy, è figlia di immigrati europei, ed è stata educata a valorizzare il patrimonio e la tradizione. Cindy persegue costantemente nuove esperienze e la sua abilità nel trovare il meglio nella vita è presente anche nell’accurata scelta di ogni ingrediente di Amaro Cinpatrazzo. Amaro Cinpatrazzo is the culmination of the love shared between Pat and Cindy for cooking, hospitality and entertainment. An Amaro acquired in a Trullo in Alberobello in Puglia, it was the inspiration for Pat and Cindy to create their own Amaro. So much research and continuous infusion tests did not lead to the right recipe for an Amaro that reminded one of southern Italy. Only after a series of bankruptcy lots, before throwing everything away, however, did the Magners try to take a small amount from each of their mixes to mix it in one solution: the result was incredible! Once he understood how to replicate it, it became the basis of Amaro Cinpatrazzo. Many of the 19 botanical products that make up the Amaro Cinpatrazzo mix come from biological crops. Among these we mention: perfectly ripe Seville orange peels from Coachella, in California, rocket, sage and hydroponic fresh mint, elderflower, coffee, vanilla, cardamom, hazelnuts and Midwest honey. TheAmaro Cinpatrazzo follows traditional methods of production, a three-week maceration in alcohol, then filtered and bottled after the addition of honey. The Amaro is totally natural, it does not use preservatives, colorings and artificial additives, this to create a unique experience for the palate. The name Cinpatrazzo comes from the combination of the names PAT and CINDY and the word Razzo, which translated into English means “rocket salad”, the main ingredient in the composition of theAmaro Cinpatrazzo, grass coming together with sage and mint from a Chicago hydroponic farm. The artwork on the label is a pen and ink drawing by Pat.

Tasting Review:

21.5% ABV
Color: brown with golden reflections
Smell: Espresso and chocolate
Taste: strongly balsamic with hints of licorice
Aftertaste: clean with notes of chocolate pudding
Feedback: Eccentric Amaro

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