Amaro Obsession

St. Agrestis

United States Of America

Brooklyn, NY

St. Agrestis St. Agrestis was born in 2014 by the idea of ​​two former Sommeliers of the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group. They left for Italy and for three months traveling uninterruptedly, exploring and trying to understand how the production of an amaro occurs and how the regional character is attributed to the product through it. This is to give the St. Agrestis the Brooklyn identity with the manufacturer's signature. The AMARO also undergoes aging in barrels previously used for the production of Bourbon from an artisan whiskey distillery still located in Brooklyn, which in turn purchases maize and sagale from a farm located in Upstate New York. So we can safely say that St. Agrestis reflects all those characteristics of territoriality, typical of a true Amaro. In 2017 the property of St. Agrestis passes into the hands of Louis Catizone and Steven De Angelo, to whom later will be added Matthew, Louis's brother. The three immediately get to work and review some details of the Amaro recipe and the production, such as changing the type of sugar, improving maceration and extraction techniques and temporarily extending aging in whiskey barrels. Even the distillery has changed location, remaining in Brooklyn but this time in the beautiful area of ​​Greenpoint. The St. Agrestis recipe consists of 20 completely different organic botanicals, including citrus fruits, seeds, herbs, roots and spices, each of which is extracted separately in a hydro-alcoholic solution where it remains in maceration for up to six weeks . At the end, after being subjected to the blend the bitter is aged in old American oak Bourbon barrels for 16 weeks, perfect moment where the Amaro reaches the peak of its potential. Once filtered, to the mix is added the water and the organic sugar and then, once ready, bottled. Its presentation is a feast for the eyes: the transparent pharmaceutical-style bottle shows the deep ruby ​​red color of the bitterness. The white label is very simple in its graphics, but incredibly appealing. It represents a woman dressed by what could be called a toga, holding an ampoule and a branch of leaves in the other hand. The wooden cap and the packaging recall the alchemical atmosphere of the herbalist friars or an elixir distributed on the back of a wooden carriage by snake oil sellers. Louis and Matthew were already familiar with the Amaro due to their Italian background, their father emigrated to the United States from Calabria, and although his mother is from Greenpoint, his family comes from southern Italy. Also the idea of ​​the name "agrestis" appealed to both since from the Latin it means wild, rustic. A bit like when a stranger finds himself in a land that is not his own, in some way he can be defined as 'Agrestis', as well as their father once he arrived in the States as an immigrant, some time had to pass before he came into harmony with the new world surrounding and finding the right balance, just like in Amaro where the various aromatic peaks find the right balance after the right period of time.

Tasting exam
Alcoholic content: 30 ABV
Color: Intense red tending to brown
Smell: cinnamon, nutmeg and rhubarb, are to remember warm fruit pies and mulled wine
Taste: incredibly refreshing and well structured. On the palate hints of cream soda, vanilla extract, barks
Aftertaste: powerful green mint

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