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Molfetta, BA

Antichi Elixir is a family business that produces high quality artisan liqueurs. This small reality was born after Alessio Picca's Grandmother, currently head of Antichi Elixir together with his father Luciano, treated a stomach ache thanks to the help of Quince Apple Elisir. Total expression of their beautiful territory, the Quince Apple Elixir "Cydò", is the spearhead of the Antichi Elixir and is produced with a totally artisanal process without the addition of dyes, aromas or other additives. Son of this magnificent product. born from the idea of ​​Alessio and Luciano Picca, it is the even more interesting Amaro Sud, an Amaro obtained from the cold infusion in high quality alcohol of fruit, peel of citrus fruits, roots and other herbs and spices with tonic and digestive properties. The selection of botanicals that give life to Amaro Sud include: Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Gentian and the inevitable Quince Apple which, together with other secret botanicals, make this Amaro a unique product. With a golden yellow color with straw yellow reflections and an intense citrus aroma, Amaro Sud is produced in the name of tradition and authenticity. The fruit, harvested in the period of maximum maturation and carefully selected (which makes its production naturally limited), is worked by hand with the utmost care in order to have no dispersion of the aromas or characteristic beneficial substances. The essential oils of citrus fruits, together with the characteristic taste of Quince Apple, give a great freshness to Amaro Sud and make it punctually astringent. With 32 ABV, Amaro Sud is a perfect tonic-digestive Amaro and, why not, an excellent ingredient for the modern mixologist that loves to experiment new and more refined ingredients.

Martina Proietti

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