Amaro Obsession




The history of the Bordiga distillery is primarily a family story. Despite the epochal changes to which the company had to adapt following the foundation of the Italian State and despite moments of evident difficulty, the Bordiga family managed to keep the name of the distillery always high, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to adapt. Attention to the choice of the best raw materials, wine, herbs, sugar and mountain water, the importance attributed to the territory and the craftsmanship of the products are the indelible legacy of a distillery that since 1888 has made a long way, never betraying its most intimate values. A poetic name, Amaro Dilei, which describes a product designed to be pleasing to the female public, despite the robust gradation. Fine liqueur with a complex bouquet that evokes the aroma and scent of flowers and herbs from the Piedmontese valleys with an intense brown color but with a captivating taste. 

Tasting Review:

Alcohol content: 30 ABV

Color: Dark brown with emerald shades

Smell: Strong characteristic odor of roots and bitter herbs with a slight fresh hint of Peppermint

Taste: There is sweetness, but balanced by the aromaticity of alpine herbs

Aftertaste: Minty, almost balsamic. Long and persistent

Matteo Zed

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