Amaro Obsession


Mr. Caruso, could you tell us where the idea of producing an Amaro comes from?

It comes from the passion for our land handed down from my family and my training path to managerial address. It is with these premises that the combination of the capacity and the productive quality of our land develops with my vision of business. It is no coincidence that the choice of Lime as a tool to trace new paths that go beyond the entrepreneurial standards developed in Sicily today. I wanted to make the most of my production and what better product of a liqueur to be appreciated in sharing with others.

Your Company, Giardini di Sicilia, deals with the classic citrus cultivation, which has made Sicily famous all over the World in terms of quality. Can you tell us how you thought about adding the lime to the traditional citrus fruits?

Today we boast the condition of being the first Sicilian producers of sub tropical fruit, which has conquered the connoisseurs of the whole World. The desire to follow new paths, led me to study in recent years the sudden change of society and consequently the consumer's habits, which is increasingly looking for specialists and specialties, people are looking for beauty, want the best, in short, more than ever, our society is committed to constant research to improve the quality of life. We have made this our Company policy, which has reached its highest expression in the cultivation of traditional citrus fruits, hence the challenge of transferring the same capacity and the same values also in the production of Sicilian Lime. The goal is to offer an alternative product to the classic citrus, inserting in the sale of overseas product, shriveled, with little juice and full of pesticides, giving the customer the opportunity to consume a fresh product, super juicy and natural, which arrives all over the Europe two days after its harvest.

The area where Giardini di Sicilia is located is a focal point for the production of lime and Amalime. Would you describe the deep bond that exists between your production, territory and Sicilian traditions?

The climate and the fertility of Etna's volcanic soil, in Catania area, where our Giardini di Sicilia farm is located, are the unique conditions for our excellent products to grow and grow in an excellent way. The earth, however, is only a component of the recipe for the production of a unique product, the rest of the ingredients are given by the skills and human resources that through the cultivation traditions can be the perfect mix for the success of a product of excellence.

How is the production process that gives life to Amalime and which botanicals are used in production?

Amalime comes from the selection of the best Lime cultivars and is completed with a production process that lasts over three months. We start from the harvesting of the best fruits, which are left to rest in the maintenance cell for over ten days, from here on a real natural selection takes place, the fruits discharge their water component present in the peel remaining only with their concentrate aroma, after this period, the fruits one by one, are selected according to their freshness, only the fruits that after this time are still young and fresh are being processed. Amalime is born from the infusion of the best rinds of these carefully selected Sicilian Lime, aromatic herbs and sugar.

Amalime is a unique product of its kind. What are your tips to taste it better?

You said definitely well! Amalime is a truly unique product of its kind and I will tell you more... it is the first and only Amaro in the world produced with Sicilian lime. In addition to the sorbet, in mixing with Prosecco, gin, vodka, tequila is the right ingredient in every drink. With an intense, aromatic and fresh flavor, it is perfect to conclude an excellent meal with the taste and scents of Sicily.

In recent years in the U.S.A. Amaro-Mania broke out: the new trend that sees Amaro as a leading player in the beverage sector. Even in Italy the Amari are slowly gaining a place of relevance behind the bars. How do you see this new trend?

I am convinced that this phenomenon started from the metamorphosis of the Amaro product in its conception. Today they produce very “drinkable” Amari, the product “for men that don't have to try too hard” is outdated today, this condition has allowed to widen the spectrum of consumers of the “new concept” of Amaro, more and more women or in the tables of families consumes Amaro and this has led to the exponential spread of this Amaro-Mania that we are experiencing. I would like to be one of the protagonist, at least we are committed to the maximum to be so.

How is the relationship between Giardini di Sicilia, Amalime and the mixing world with its professionals?

Its adaptability to mixology is amazing, the vast majority of cocktails has a component of Lime, with Amalime these same cocktails become an explosion of taste, from the Sicilian Mojito with Etnalime to DaiquiriLime to AmaMule, the cocktail varieties to be performed with Amalime are really many. The bartenders use it so much to give a touch of innovation and Sicily to their creations, every time they are proud of it, can not miss behind their bars.

To conclude, Mr. Caruso, what are the nearest goals of your Company?

Already after a few months of placing Amalime on the market, the Company worked to go out with two very interesting products, a Limoncello of the highest quality with lemons from Etna ready and close to sale in the best wine bars and in the best Italian restaurants. Another project, now become a reality, is the Aperitivo all'Arancia Rossa IGP, to color Spritz sparkling wines that cheer up the glamorous aperitifs. So far so interesting, but the real news is actually in the creation of a product of the highest range a bubble with the Finger Lime inside. Finger Lime? Ah, I did not tell you? Yes, our Company, Giardini di Sicilia, also produces Finger Lime and Passion Fruit, obviously Made in Sicily!

Martina Proietti

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