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Simona, please tell me to begin who and what is behind the Amaro Adriano.

Our Artisan Factory was founded in 2001 and is composed by Enrico and Simona, two very different brothers. The results are not long to come but the road is still long and tortuous for a series of trials of strength and courage that makes us light the engines. Behind every bottle of Amaro Adriano there is passion, dedication, improvisation, sacrifice and even a bit of healthy madness.

Passion:because everything was born from the passion for liquor, since we were children our father often took us to his whimsical friend who in the 80s produced Cedrata, Sambuca Centerbe, Nocino... My brother and I fell in love with the typical perfumes of that liquor factory, the scent of alcohol, botanical herbs and the many packing cartons. The passion is also for Ancient History in particular for Greek Mythology and for the figures that have left tangible traces of their enterprises, arts, intelligence and interior greatness like Emperor Adriano, he is our inspiration for the Amaro with which he has many things in common.

Dedication:is strictly linked to passion, we love what we do, we have fun, we encourage ourselves to do better, every day is productive for us, there is no day in which we do not talk, we do not sell a bottle, we do not dedicate our time to the liqueurs we produce.

Improvisation:for us it means courage, that of opening a particular activity of its kind, in a saturated market, where almost everything seems to have been invented, but in truth it is an ever-evolving market where there is still a lot to do but study, deepen (I became a sommelier, and my brother many years before starting this work, he learned on the field, working diligently in the production of spirits) to achieve something well done!

Sacrifice:it is the most important part of our adventure, we have both sacrificed our studies or our initial dreams for this liquor factory. The results are not immediate, but over time the sacrifice has been repaid with today's results.

Healthy Madness:contains all that has been said so far, the madness of doing something you love (a luxury), something special that involves a long journey to success. It was a journey of two very different but indispensable brothers one another, 18 years of hard work, always supported by our family to which we are both and we will be eternally grateful. I need to make a clarification that can be shared by every Italian liquorist: our country is not helped by the current regulations regarding alcoholic beverages, which are obsolete and very complicated.

We are in Tivoli and for some reason the name “Adriano” reminds us of something, please would like to enlighten us on why your Amaro bears this name.

We are immensely satisfied with the name “Adriano” for our Amaro, as already mentioned his name derives from the character we were inspired by, Publio Elio Adriano, Emperor also in the soul, architect, poet, writer, lover of beauty, strong and powerful like our Amaro, but at the same time sweet and sensitive.

The Amaro Adriano has a beautiful packaging and on the palate awakens wonderful memories of baby, because in taste it reminds so much of a Rossana candy. Which mix of botanical present in your Amaro is responsible for this pleasure?

Sweet but enough! The bitter orange (melangolo) dilutes this sweetness, given by a pin of Rum and lemon, et voila que plaisir! The rest I let you discover to our admirers.

From what you say it seems that your company as well as having a good territorial success enjoy a lot of demand outside the boot, where comes the Amaro Adriano around the world and where it will arrive in the near future?

Our artisan factory Liquori di Tivoli, born at the foot of the ancient town of Tivoli, a stone's throw from the wonderful architecture of Villa Adriana, has never done much publicity. The truth is that we were going to position ourselves on a slice of the niche market, for fans of made in Italy, having always invested on quality in terms of production. When we noticed a great demand for our products, we have expanded our website, giving the opportunity to anyone to contact us from anywhere in the world. The requests to date are many, in particular from the States, from Canada, from Northern Europe. This made us understand that while maintaining a low profile from an advertising point of view, it was anachronistic and uneconomical, on the other it made us very sought-after. Today, we still have a lot to do, but getting there is our next goal.

Simona, If you had to describe the Amaro Adriano to a possible buyer, how would you do it, and when you decided to produce it to which audience you wanted to arrive?

When I propose the Adriano to someone, I try to understand first who I have in front,  what kind of work he does in his venue and what kind of place my Amaro will be addressed. This observation is fundamental for me, I support the theory of selling in the right place to the right person and not to sell by force! I love to see our Amaro in beautiful and elegant premises, a place that marries with our philosophy, only in this way the satisfaction will be on both sides. In the moment when you sell a good product, made in quality, conquer is not hard!

As you well know Simona , Amaro Obsession activity is to make known to as many people as possible the little known world of Amari, but soon a new world beverage leader especially behind the Bar and in blending. You already have in mind to bring Adriano closer to the world of mixology and if so how.

Amaro Adriano is a liqueur that lends itself well to experiment with new and elaborate cocktails capable of enhancing its flavor. Just recently I had the pleasure of tasting a new cocktail based on Adriano, of which I will soon reveal the recipe, in one of the premises of the great starred Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto. Our customers often make us discover something more about our Amaro Adriano. Creativity and experience are two elements that we rely a lot on in our work.

Simona, a last question, we are close to the new year, so you can anticipate some new project, idea or goal for the Amaro Adriano or your Liquors Factory?

Having said that, we do not exclude the possibility of realizing a revised version of the Adriano but at the moment we have a priority, that of bringing Adriano very, very far.

Matteo Zed

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