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Cosimo, tell us about Rosso Sicilia, a young Sicilian reality.

Rosso Sicilia is born from two friends, great wine lovers and strongly linked to the agricultural world and Sicilian traditions that decide to get involved with the desire to create a product that best represents Sicilia.

What is the idea behind Rosso Amaro and how is your recipe born?

We resumed an old family recipe and we revisited it in a modern key, strengthening the link with Sicily through the use of Nero d'Avola - the prince of Sicilian vines - and a mix of herbs and plants typical of the Sicilian countryside, from the laurel to the thyme and the carob, without forgetting the peel of bitter oranges and lemons.

Cosimo, could you describe the production process and the botanicals that give life to Rosso Amaro?

The particularity of Rosso Amaro's processing derives from a double infusion. A first phase of the production process begins in the cellar, with the infusion of some herbs in the Nero d'Avola wine, a biological wine produced in the Syracusan territory. The second phase is typical of the Amari production, through the infusion of plants and aromatic herbs (laurel, thyme, carob, lemon peel and bitter oranges, and many others) in alcohol. The process ends with the mixing of the two infusions and the addition of sugar. We have done many tests and tasting panels to reach the final recipe, which gave life to a balanced liqueur, which maintains its main digestive effect, without leaving an excessively bitter aftertaste. And Rosso Amaro is never cloying!

Rosso Amaro is a new product that looks to tradition with a careful look, what is your advice to taste it better?

Rosso Amaro is the first Amaro based on Nero d'Avola. And it is precisely the presence of wine, with its perceptions of red fruits and spices, which makes it a "unique" liqueur. Rosso Amaro is surprising for its versatility. It can be drunk at the end of the meal at room temperature, to better appreciate the complexity of its aromas. Excellent if consumed cold, but not frozen. In addition, Rosso Amaro is a perfect base for aperitifs and cocktails with a great Sicilian connotation. And Rosso Amaro succeeds in making even confectioners and chefs indulge, for the preparation of chocolate pralines and meat and fish dishes.

In recent years in the U.S. amaro-mania broke out: the new trend that sees the Amaro protagonist in the beverage sector. What do you think is the quid that would make the amaro makes that success here in Italy?

Even in Italy for some years there is a greater attention of consumers towards the Amarii. Probably this is due to a greater knowledge of wine and spirits, to the increasingly frequent tastings and to the work that the bars and restaurants are doing to appreciate these extraordinary liqueurs, typical of the Italian tradition.

The amari are increasingly used by bartenders for the creation of their recipes, what is your advice to use in the best way Rosso Amaro in mixing?

To maintain its Sicilian character and recall the typical aromas of the Sicilian countryside, Rosso Amaro gives the maximum used as a base for cocktails using oranges and lemons in their composition. Great for an Americano, a Negroni or for a Spritz in which the orange slice emphasizes its aromatic component.

To conclude, Cosimo, what are the next goals of Rosso Sicilia?

We are a young company and we are mainly working to better structure our sales network, not neglecting the foreign market. In parallel, dragged by the strong passion we have for our work we continually experiment with new products to support our Rosso Amaro.

Martina Proietti

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