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Elisa, can you tell us the story of your Company and how did you come up with the Amaro idea?

Sure! We are distillers since 1846, therefore 172 years of history. Ours is a family that is handed down, from generation to generation, the passion for distillation. Together with my two sisters, I represent the seventh generation that, in fact, carries forward the production of Grappa. Amaro d'Altavilla is an infusion of different herbs in Grappa, a basic component in all the liqueurs of our production, and alcohol.

You said that you are three sisters running this company, how difficult is it to be a woman in the beverage industry?

It is certainly a setting in which we have to demonstrate that we have character, motivation and firmness. Until recently, distillation was a purely male business: it is up to the producers to bring all the great added value that femininity can bring into this world. For two years my commitment on this front has taken on an even more important role by virtue of the presidency I have held in the Women of Grappa Association. We put it all together, we'll see the results!

Could you give us some details about the botanicals used in the production of your Amaro?

In the production of the Amaro d'Altavilla thirteen herbs are harvested on the hills that make up the Alpine and Apennine arc that surrounds our Piedmont. Each variety gives very particular notes to the product and brings with it the scenting, flavoring and digestive properties. Any name? For example sage, dandelion, marjoram, gentian and licorice roots, thyme and china and other herbs. Our Amaro comes from a double infusion: a part of the herbs is placed in pulp in Aged Moscato Grappa while the remaining part is infused in alcohol, together with orange and lemon peel. Finally, the two infusions are expertly mixed ... et voilà our Amaro is ready!

How hard do you carry a name like Mazzetti on your shoulders?

Quite! It is certainly an honor, but we must also be able to show that the 172 years are a story that allows us to have firm roots but at the same time to be able to always renew. We feel the duty to give freshness to the image of the Italian distillate maintaining its original identity. Needless to say, it's a big responsibility!

Mazzetti d'Altavilla for the whole world is synonymous with Grappa. You are currently pushing a lot on your Amaro, how do you see it linked to the topic of mixology?

We are focusing a lot in the last years on mixology and the Amaro is proving to be a suitable product, easily mixable, which can give that extra touch even in classic cocktails. It is no coincidence that this year we have created an Artistic Calendar on the theme of mixology with unpublished cocktails to be discovered. All that remains is to contact us for a copy and to browse the list of drinks selected by us!

What would you say to the Italian professionals of beverage so that they can embrace your Amaro, bring it to the bar and start mixing it?

It could be a great challenge: abandoning a traditional path to being tempted by the innovations of the moment!

Elisa, Mazzetti d'Altavilla is one of the oldest Italian distilleries, what do you think of those who produce using techniques like flavoring, although permitted by the European disciplinary, for purists like you is certainly a sort of sacrilege?

Absolutely! We are, to be exact, the second oldest distillery in Italy, so for us the traditional distillation method, the discontinuous method, which focuses on quality and not on the quantity of product, is fundamental. Who uses shortcuts, if we want to say so, and then goes to distort what is the reality of the flag distillate, probably does not realize the damage they do to the culture of Italian beverage. Obviously, we continue on our way putting the quality of the product first.

Who is interested in having the magnificent Mazzetti d'Altavilla products in their bar, how can contact you?

First of all, we have a website www.mazzetti.ita telephone number +39 0142926147 and an email address, you can find us on all social networks. Obviously, our office is open every day to all who want to become more aware of our work.

What are the next goals of Mazzetti d'Altavilla?

Continue on the path taken in recent years: being able to better communicate all the virtues of our spirits and bring the public to a deeper knowledge of the Grappa product with a particular focus on the younger audience that will become the consumer of tomorrow. The goal is to transmit culture in order to educate the new generations for responsible and quality consumption. We are also investing in new products with particular refinements, for example, this year we have proposed a Grappa di Barolo refined in Bourbon barrels, and a Grappa di Moscato refined in Vermouth barrels. New surprises next year!

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