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I have the pleasure of talking with Tonino, the second generation of Paesani, nephew of Paesani Ermanno, inventor of the recipe of the famous bitter in the 60s.

Our company - says Tonino - was born in the 60s, when the production of home-made liqueurs and Amari began to take hold everywhere. I was about 8 years old, and I remember that the initial name was Amaro Gorzano. It was my uncle, Paesani Ermanno, who created this recipe based on genziana, tonka bean, china, rhubarb, lavender and other flowers and roots. Ours is a family business, which goes from generation to generation and in here, - he adds - everyone must know how to do everything.

How did you find yourself starting from scratch, in a period not very easy?

What we have done during all these years has been to adapt to market demands, starting from a single product and slowly creating a much wider range of liqueurs and Amari. The thing that I think distinguishes us is the fact of having always focused on our territory (Abruzzo), which has always given us great satisfaction, and we remain faithful.

Tell us about Amaro Gran Sasso.

Amaro Gran Sasso, as mentioned just before, was born in a difficult period. To meet the various market needs, my uncle had the talent to create 3 variants of the Amaro Gran Sasso: 40° type "Forte" (which in recent years has taken hold in high catering and wine shops); 30° the "Classico"; and finally the 21°. In addition to these, since 2007 the production of Amaro Gran Sasso "Riserva" has begun, for the most demanding palates, produced in limited quantities and undergoing a 12-month aging in barriques.

Talking with Mirco Paesani, Tonino’s son and future business leader.

Talking about future ideas, what goals does Fabbrica Liquori Paesani pose?

Surely what we want to do is to maintain the quality and craftsmanship of our product, continuing to remain on a quality standard and a price range that differentiates our Amaro. We definitely aim for an expansion in the Italian territory and not only, but this will not turn us away from those that are our origins.

After this short interview, a tour in the company, and the taste of elite products, I can say that there is great passion and love for one's work in this family that aims at the excellence of the product.

Amaro Obsession gives a thank.

Federico Serafini

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