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This time Amaro Obsession pauses the attention on a beautiful and young Italian Southern liqueur Company: Calabro Liquori, which in a few years simply starting from a grandma recipe for the creation of a Bergamot liquor, has pulled out a company that makes a sparks and moves on the beverage Industry as if it there had been a century.

M: Please guys do you want to introduce yourself to our readers to start? Who are exactly the founders of the Calabro Liquori Company?

R: Hello everyone, We introduce ourselves, we are two Calabrian guys, Roberto Maiorano and Domenico Converso.

M: How is the Calabro Liquori Company born and how many years have you been operating on the liqueur market?

D: The idea of Calabro buzzed in our heads already when still attending the University in Milan, we thought we to create a line of alcoholic beverages that bring people to drink with pleasure, but above all drink in a good and healthy way as a lifestyle. So we decide ten years ago to send to Slow Food a sample of a bergamot liqueur come from an old family recipe, with a label created by our roommate and fellow university, Lucas Vargas, current Graphic Designer for “Il Corriere della Sera”. Incredibly a few weeks later we get a notification message informing us that the Calabro, our liquor, had won the first prize as a niche product selected on 413 products. Since then it has opened us a world!

M: Roberto and Domenico your packaging is very interesting, a modern label, but with many intrinsic meanings, can you a little bit explain us the work done by Lucas Vargas on the image of Calabro?

R: Yes! The label conceals many explanations that concern our land. In the high up to the center, it is possible to see the eight towers surrounding our city, Cariati Marina, the protective torrisons, historical symbol of Cariati, then surrounded by the sea.

M: Guys, but how you were able, starting from an homemade bottle and a non-existent budget to create a Liquor Factory with a wide portfolio of products such as Calabro liqueurs Company?

R: We are two well-amalgamated partners, normally I am the mind and Roberto is the arm, the one who founded a modern liquor Factory out of nowhere.D: We first understood that the Product could please the consumer and therefore it was necessary to create a production line that could guarantee a certain number of bottles every month, but above all create a recipe stable and never different to every Production. The greatest feature of our work is the use just natural ingredients and artisan methods of production. For example, the Bergamot liquor is created not only by using the peel of the Calabrian bergamots in the maceration tank, but also by cutting the liqueur with a large part of natural juice squeezed by the bergamots once peeled.

M: In your portfolio products there is a very good Amaro, Amaro Brethium, please can we know more about?

R: The Amaro Brethium is like a business card of the history of our territory, they are still alive in the Calabrian minds after the discovery, about 40 years ago, of one of their leaders tomb, where buried with other his personal effects, there was also an amphora, which is a symbol in our brand.

M: What are the botanicals used for the creation of Amaro Brethium?

D: They are first almost all elements born and grow in our territory, the most important are the Gentian of the pollen, Chicory, Bergamot and Arugula.

M: How do you use the Arugula in the maceration tank?

R: In truth I have to reveal you a secret, for us the Arugula is a bit like saffron for a well-known yellow Italian liqueur, in fact it’s put in the tank of maceration with finished liquor, where it is left in extraction for five days, then all the mix is filtered again but gaining a vegetal and fresh note thanks to the Chlorophyll released by this bitter herb.

M: Please remind our readers  all the products in Calabro liquors Company portfolio

D: Bergamot as already mentioned, Porcino Mushroom, a liquor on which we believe a lot because it’s the first one on the beverage market, Wild Fennel made with the flowers collected on our hills, at last, but not the least the Clementine Liqueur totally made using organic fruit from our fields. Ten years ago we started with three products and now we have more than Twenty.

M: Which of your portfolio products is the newest?

R: Absolutely the Pyretta, a fruit now in extinction, a citrus similar to a lime, releasing a wonderful and unthinkable flavor.

M: Since now, you have been exposed to a commercial network also outside Italy, participating immediately in some bar shows around the world to find your importers, right now where we might acquire Amaro Brethium?

D: UK, USA, Japan, China and in almost all over Europe.

M: Among the Calabro goals I understood you have the ambition to surprise also into the modern mixability, can we understand how?

R: Surely with new products useful to the needs of the modern mixologist like Bitters with new taste, ever on the market, and a new important mix of botanical and alcohol that will embrace exotic mixing, but we do not want to say more about it, we want also to increase production by now, through enlargement and the addition of new machinery that can support this need.

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