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Good morning Mr. Faranda. It is a pleasure for Amaro Obsession to ask you a few questions about your Company and your Amaro Nebros. To begin with, could you tell us about how La Casa Della Natura was born?

La Casa Della Natura is a young Company of artisanal liqueurs, born in Sinagra, a small town in the province of Messina, in 2012. It bases its business on the quality and the uniqueness of the products in order to make non-industrial liqueurs, but niche. Since my youth I have been interested in trying my hand at processing liquors; initially, it was a simple passion that I cultivated in my free time, afterward I had the conviction and, above all, the desire to invest and to transform the passion in a business. The predominant factor of this choice was also trying at all costs to give a future job to my two daughters. The Company is, in fact, now entirely managed by them who, little by little, have learned all the secrets of the production and marketing areas.

The production of artisanal liqueurs of La Casa Della Natura takes place in the territory of the Nebrodi Mountains in Sicily. How important is the relationship with the surrounding environment for the Company?

The relationship between the Company and the surrounding environment is of primary importance; it is a factor that is often glad to remember. Our liqueurs must be typical and the element that determines the typicality of a production is the presence of a direct link between the finished product and the territory. Our Company "exploits" the raw materials present in good quantity on the Nebrodi Mountains, whether they are hazelnuts, citrus fruits or wild herbs.

The artisanal production of La Casa Della Natura is careful to work the raw materials according to the harvest period so as not to ever resort to additives, extracts, essences and dyes. Can you tell us about this company philosophy?

Having the raw materials on the place, the production process is very fast: from the collection, it goes immediately to production. This leads to a healthier and more resistant product that does not need the addition of additives, dyes, etc. Our philosophy is therefore to create a highly qualitative, niche product. From market studies we know how the customer today is much more attentive to the quality of the product compared to previous years: he prefers to buy a product that knows how to be of excellent quality and informs itself adequately also by reading the labels. It is to this target that we address our business activity.T

ell us about Amaro Nebros, how was your recipe born?

The idea of the Amaro Nebros is the result of the opportunity to read and study the manuscripts of Father Bernardino di Ucria, a great botanist who lived from 1739 to 1796, founder of the botanical garden of Palermo. The same has identified and classified the majority of herbs in the Sicilian territory and on that of the Nebrodi Mountains and has transcribed them on his books. From here I examined a very acrid plant, the "Centaurium Erythraea", which lends itself very well to the production of Amari thanks to its very digestive properties and its bitter taste. Subsequently, I have researched this botanical on the Nebrodi Mountains that it grows in good quantity: today it is the base of the Amaro Nebros recipe.

Can you describe to us the production process and the botanicals that give life to Amaro Nebros?

The production process begins with the cold infusion in a macerator of herbs, spices, and roots for about a month. After this period, the alcoholic liquid flows very slowly from the macerator so as to be already clear. The herbs left in the macerator are discarded and not pressed in order not to ruin the quality of the final product. For this production, therefore, only the flower of the maceration is used and it is obviously a product without additives, colorings, essences, extracts and, above all, without sugar.

Amaro Nebros is an Amaro without added sugar. Can you explain why this choice?

The reason for this choice is, without a doubt, of a historical nature, since in ancient times the Amari were made without sugar because they represented real healing potions. Thanks also to the studies of Father Bernardino I understood the advantages of making an Amaro without sugar. These studies have been a great help to me as customers tend to buy products with fewer sugars. The goal of any Company is precisely to satisfy customers and, for this reason, I believe that in the future the number of Amari with no sugar will tend to increase. Surely, however, the Amaro Nebros will be among the very first to have made this choice.

In recent years in the U.S. Amaro-Mania broke out: the new trend that sees Amari as protagonists in the beverage sector. What do you think is the quid that would make the Amaro depopulation here in Italy?

Italy has always been a nation linked to traditions. Making a product linked to history, with ancient recipes handed down through generations, could be a factor that pushes Italian customers to taste more Amari.

To conclude, Mr. Faranda, what are your Company's next goals?

Surely in the future, it will be important to increase the commercialization of the product: for some time we have started exporting the product abroad. It is a very interesting sales channel that, in the future, we would like to increase more.

Martina Proietti

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