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I would like to say that it is really an honor for me to be able to do my first interview with a character as important as Elio Carta, the son of a man who in the post-war had the readiness and courage to raise one of the companies more significant in Sardinia and transmit all his passion to his son. How was born this love for the products of his land?

I specify that I am simply a working man. Like many. The love for the products was spontaneous. Having attended the agricultural world from an early age, with all its nuances, the heart instinctively continued on that road. Passion comes when you realize that nature gives respect and satisfaction when it is respected. For my son, it was automatic and spontaneous to continue the journey he saw as a child.

Its activity comes to light around the end of the forties by cultivating the vines purely to produce Vernaccia, a wine characteristic of the Sardinia lands. How did it all start?

It started immediately after the war. There was so much misery and so much desire to start again, to grow, to forget all the horrors experienced and the will to make the family feel good. Here there was a lot of Vernaccia demand and so I started producing Vernaccia.

The end of the Seventies was a period of great growth and change for your Company. Would you like to tell us how the idea of expanding the market and introducing other products as well as wine was born?

The end of the 70s, to be precise 1981, was the watershed for our Company. Vernaccia wine had a sharp decline in interest because the tastes were changing rapidly so, after various evaluations, we decided to convert part of the Company to produce alcoholic products.

Your family was one of the first to bring organic products to the market. Tell us about this "harmony with nature".

The idea of producing organic products comes from two motivations, the first because it was Myrtle, then a spontaneous shrub, simply repeating what nature already offers us. The second was to check if the market was interested in organic spirits.

Among Vermouth, liqueurs and spirits you have so many products nothing short of splendid that I do not know what to start, but given our amaro orientation, we would be thrilled to know something more about the curious story of your Amaro Chrysos.

The production of Helichrysum amaro is the fruit of love. With us, the Helichrysum is born close to the sand, so when I arrived at the sea I could smell this heady perfume, of an infinite intensity and so enthralling and engaging to leave me speechless. I replied in time: I have to do something. And after four years of testing, it arrived.

We talk about the product you gave gratification most important.

The product that most gratified us was Vermouth as it was the first of the high-end products (therefore the beginning of a new line and also of a new productive turn) and also because, being obtained from aged Vernaccia, it has allowed to repropose the Vernaccia on the market. This year at Vinitaly the Vernaccia di Oristano DOC Riserva 2004 Silvio Carta has been recognized as the best Italian wine.

Arrived at this point what's next top to win?

We have almost completed the high-end line for which the next peak is to present us more firmly on the market. News of a few days: we signed a distribution agreement with Coca-Cola with two Vermouths and four Gins. For the national territory.

Mr. Carta, I'll give the last question but not less important. The products you are doing more and more space in many Italian bars and increasingly bartender are intrigued by your products, have you ever thought to create a competition?

Surely in the course of 2019, we will try to give life to some form of competition.

Mary Surgucheva

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