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Good morning Mr. Paolucci, it is a great pleasure for Amaro Obsession to interview you. The history of your Family Company is rooted in the early twentieth century, can you tell us how Paolucci Liquori is born and how does it evolve over time?

Paolucci Liquori was born in Sora in the province of Frosinone in the early twentieth century thanks to the passion of Vincenzo Paolucci for local products and especially for medicinal plants of which the area was very rich being close to the Lazio and Abruzzo National Park. Since then many years have passed and a lot of progress has been made, we have reached the fourth generation. After him, his son Donato and his nephews Mario and Ermanno succeeded each other up to the present day with us great-grandchildren.

HISTORY, TERRITORY, TRADITION, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION and INTERNATIONALIZATION: these are the keywords of Paolucci Liquori. What does this business focus mean to you?

Our company is certainly linked to all these focuses. I think that none of these points can disregard the others in order to be competitive in a market in constant evolution but also very attentive to traditions.

What is your first memory related to the Opificio Paolucci? Can you tell us an anecdote related to the company?

When I was a child, I accompanied my father to our old headquarters in Viale San Domenico and I remember that the bottling line in operation fascinated me, but above all, I remember with great pleasure the aromas of the infusions that were perceived when I entered the company. This last feature is still very pleasant and appreciated by our visitors.

Amaro Ciociaro: the synthesis of territory and tradition. Can you tell us how it was born and how did it become the magnificent product that it’s now?

Amaro Ciociaro is certainly our most representative product and it was one of the first products created by my great-grandfather together with his son Donato. It has always identified our territory as its recipe consists of elements that were easily available in the surrounding mountains.

Could you describe the production process that gives life to Amaro Ciociaro? Your Amaro has a full and balanced taste, which botanicals are used in the infusion?

The botanicals used for the infusions are 16 and are composed of various spices, flowers, roots, fruits and medicinal herbs used to produce alcohol infusions and extracts. Among the most significant we can certainly mention the Genziana, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange and Lemon. For the infusions and the extracts, the various elements are divided into two groups, some are individually prepared and mixed only at the end of the process with all the rest, while in the second group a tanning is done with officinal herbs, fruits and roots, a blended which is then added to the other infusions and extracts in the last phase of production. After the infusion and extraction phase, the various infusions and extracts are mixed with water, sugar and alcohol. The product is left to settle for some time and then filtered and bottled.

Your company, Mr. Paolucci, exports its products all over the world. Which are the countries that give the most satisfaction?

In all these years we have, in fact, exported a little around the world. But the countries where we have succeeded more than others in retaining our customers are certainly Ireland, Sweden, England, Albania, France and above all the United States.

In recent years, in the U.S., it’s popular the Amaro-Mania: the Amari have finally entered the world of mixology. What do you think of this new trend?

The trend of Mixology has led to a revaluation of the Amari in national and international markets. Amaro is increasingly used outside of the usual contexts because its olfactory and taste characteristics those make it suitable for strong personality cocktail creation. For example, our Amaro Ciociaro is much appreciated by mixologists, especially in the United States. Listening to their testimonies, it manages to give an incisive but always pleasant bouquet to their mixtures. This favorable reception certainly contributed to the fact that he received very positive mentions in books and magazines. Among these, I can not fail to mention the one of Mr. David Wondrich, one of the mixology guru, who considered Amaro Ciociaro very similar to a vintage Amaro that is very popular for the preparation of Vintage Cocktails. Another very welcome quote was that of Mr. Brad Thomas Parsons who reviewed our Amaro Ciociaro in his beautiful book "AMARO".

Amaro Ciociaro, your flagship, is much appreciated by bar specialists and is used in many cocktails recipes from all over the world, in this regard, how is your relationship with bartenders?

Surely it’s of gratitude. I consider them to be real artists, the "alchemists" who often perform a thorough study about the history, the ingredients and the flavors of the various products they use in their creations. They have given life to a new way of making and drinking Cocktails thanks to the search for original and quality products.

Can you mention, Mr. Paolucci, your plans for the nearest future? What are the goals of Paolucci Liquori?

Our objectives are certainly of growth and research of new markets, to do this we have always participated in the most important food and beverage fairs such as: Anuga di Colonia, Sial di Paris, Prowein di Dusseldorf, Vinitaly di Verona, Cibus di Parma, Fancy Food of New York City, Prowine of Shanghai, Fine Food in Australia. In the last two years, we are moving towards more suitable manifestations, in our opinion, for our products and for mixing. We have already participated at the Imbibe in London, at the Bar Convent in Berlin and at the Bar Convent in Brooklyn, already scheduled for Berlin and Brooklyn respectively for October and next June and we are evaluating our participation in other interesting events for the near future.

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