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Good morning Matteo, it's a great opportunity to interview you today, thanks above all for your time especially before leaving for one of your long business trips. I immediately begin asking you what is the most important responsibility and the greatest satisfaction to have bringing such an important surname on your shoulders?

The name Luxardo in the way of liquor and cocktails is important, I was lucky to end up in a family like Luxardo, there are pros and cons, I have the honor to bring around the world my family name that means history, passion and Italian excellence.

We talked and read so many times about the beautiful story of Luxardo, where a homemade maraschino liqueur becomes an icon of international beverage in a century, you can tell us which of your Luxardo family ancestors inspire you as an entrepreneur in your business?

Certainly Girolamo Luxardo, also seen a slight resemblance. He was a man with a formidable business insight. What unites me are the 2 wife and 21 children. Another person who inspires me is my father, a stubborn person, a hard worker, he has managed over the years to reopen some very important foreign markets for us, I'm trying to do the same for my little ones.

For a long time, you are super active in the world of AMARO, bitters and aperitifs, with your productions, even before they came back into the limelight, as in this precise historical moment. What led you so much to believe in it, even though there were times when this range of products was not commercially endowed with the right appeal to the final consumer and the insider?

But you know, since the late 800's Luxardo has herbal liqueur products, so it was normal for us to continue this tradition, before the main market for our bitters was mainly the tourist who came to visit us in the company, now there we sell all over the world. We have also developed new products such as Bitter Bianco trying to keep the traditional ingredients using innovative production techniques.

The world of bartenders and insiders sees you as a myth, a celebrity, you can tell us how a Luxardo’s predestined like you lives a typical day out of the business world and what are your passions.

Celebrity seems to me a 'bit exaggerated, I tried to be myself and to best represent the Luxardo not only as a brand but also as a family. Outside of my work I am a husband and father of a family, I try to spend my time with my wife and children, those are my passions, see their children grow and become people.

You are the Face that represents Luxardo abroad, can you tell us more about the relationship of LUXARDO with the rest of the world? Tell us about the countries that give you more satisfaction, those that have given you special moments or where you come back with pleasure, and those where the results have surprisingly exceeded expectations.

I've been working with Luxardo for over 20 years now and at least 15 around the world to let people know about our products. We try to be a loyal company to our importers, this means that if something does not happen, we try to keep long-term relationships, for example, since 1846 we have our importer in Austria, many of them have become friends and when you are working with friends is always easier. While the Luxardo relationship with the rest of the world is focused on the respect for other companies and competitors, we are a small company that works hard with a lot of passion, I am convinced that to be appreciated and respected we have to be humble and give the best without treading on anyone. The other companies respect us because we are still of the old guard, we are still gentlemen.

What do you think about Italy right now in the beverage world?

Traveling a lot abroad I see that we are not very different from many other countries, politics is rubbish everywhere, but our country remains the most beautiful in the world, we have history, the culture of drinking and eating, art, cities and wonderful villages.

Not long ago we met Marco Schiavo and to my question for which Italian competitor company he had more respect and he answered without any doubt: LUXARDO! Now you, in the same situation, excluding Marco, that we know is also for you a good mate of eaten and drunken, for which competitor company would you feel to express your esteem and respect? and because?

First of all, I thank our friend Marco Schiavo, also congratulating him for the splendid work he is doing with his company. As companies that I admire there are a couple, mainly because of their history and the ability of family members to carry on the legacy and the name of their families; one is Branca and the other is Alberti.

Unfortunately, our chat is going to finish, here my last question. Please, Matteo, can you tell me, what latest-generation Luxardo product is doing well and what are the future goals of the company?

The penultimate born in the house, the White Bitter, with its this unique flavor is working very very well, more and more bartender every day are using it, then one of our goal for the future is to promote all around the world the last product created, Our Sour Cherry Gin, a product developed starting by our London Dry Gin (recipe from 1936) mixed with the juice of our maraschino cherries.

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