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Hello Antonio, introduce us your startup: the Magiantosa.

Magiantosa is a startup, born in February 2016, founded by four partners with a passion for Sicily and its traditions. The company name derives from the initials of our four partners: MAtteo, GIANfranco, Antonio called TOnio and SAnti.

Describe a fundamental aspect of your product: your territory, Sicily.

Lumìa means lemon in the dialect of Paternò, near Catania. Amaro Lumìa was the remedy against the bad digestion that the inhabitants of the town of Paternò bought in one of the local pharmacies already in the first years of the '900. Amaro Lumìa is the result of an ancient recipe developed by Matteo's grandmother, one of us four members, and now recovered thanks to our passion for Sicily and its traditions. Having inherited the recipe we have the pleasure, but above all the duty, to continue with the old methods for extracting the benefits of the botanicals: mainly raw materials coming from our beloved Sicily.

Would you tell us how Amaro Lumìa is born?

It all begins in January 2016, with the help of Matteo's grandmother. She explained to us in detail how to treat every single botanical and how to extract the best benefits from the alcohol infusion. We spent more than two months on the recipe development and I think it was the hardest and longest months for the start of this adventure!

Can you briefly describe the production process that gives life to your Amaro?

First of all, there is the botanicals selection of which the benefits and the aromas are extracted through an alcohol infusion lasting a minimum of forty days. The Lemons of Etna are then selected and the peels that will be infused are removed. Then water and sugar are added to the solution. After forty days of maturation, Amaro Lumìa is ready to be bottled. Our Amaro has a lacquer rubber closure to guarantee the craftsmanship of the product.

How many botanicals and herbal elements of your region are used for the production of Amaro Lumia?

We use six botanicals from Sicily, the other elements we get them from the alpine areas and from the Roman nurseries.

The new mixology trend is the use of amaro in cocktails. How do you see your product placed in the beverage world: as a digestive or as a protagonist in mixology cocktail recipes?

We receive every day, from the bartenders, new drinks. Of course, we hope that every cocktail bar will always add Lumìa to their drink list.

What are your goals for the near future?

Our main goal for the near future is to create a Brand.

Martina Proietti

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