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Hello Ivano, could you introduce yourself, your territory and your company: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale?

My name is Ivano Trombino and I’m a young businessman who has been working in this sector for over 20 years. For about 6 years I have begin the production of recipes handed down from my family. I made researches and studies of the botanicals of my territory, Calabria (Italian Southern Region). Because of this I’ve had the desire to give a rebirth the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, today a company where I work every day. More simply, I like to define myself Produttore di Liquori Rurali (Rural Liqueurs Producer). 

Ivano, could you tell us how everything started?

It all started from an unexpected family legacy discovered about 6 years ago. I went looking for my father's news about my grandfather, who young had emigrated to U.S.A. and I’ve never met. I discovered that he died and he had left some stories about the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, until then unknown to me. Starting from this, I began my journey to research and study the botanicals of our fantastic territory: Calabria. 

Which is the firstborn of your portfolio?

The firstborn of our range is Jefferson Amaro Importante (Important Amaro).Back in time, the Vecchio Mgazzino Doganale was a shop that sold spice, botanicals, alcohol and some contraband liquor. With the arrival of the shipwrecks Jefferson was the most intuitive who left the real inheritance calling his liqueur, consisting of a fairly mundane recipe (bergamot, oregano and rosemary), Amaro Importante. 

Which Calabrian botanicals do you use more in your mixes?

The main botanicals that I use in my recipes are citrus fruits, symbol of our land: bergamot, cedar, sweet and bitter oranges, IGP lemons of Rocca Imperiale and grapefruit. I like to use also selected hand-picked botanicals for example: oregano, rosemary, lavender and juniper. 

Do you like to use herbs and spices from other continents?

No. Mainly I prefer to enhance what our territory offers us. Territory understood, not only as Calabria that constitutes the land of main origin of our botanicals, but as throughout Italy. 

Could you tell us more about every bitter product of your portfolio?

Sure! Our bitter products are:

Jefferson Amaro Importante – Mediterranean amaro, strong with citrus flavors and pleasant bitter note;

Jefferson Tintura Importante – The tincture of Jefferson Amaro Importante, with no sugar is the maximum expression of our product;

Roger Tenere Sotto Banco – Our strong flavor bitter with scents of orange, gentian, rhubarb and rosemary. One of a kind for color and production: it may contain residuals.

Frack Amaro Serale no alla Moda – as its claim says, I can tell you just little. It’s our most complex amaro for the botanicals choice and for the final blend (characterized by a wine part). It is not categorized in any amaro class so I like to define it uncategorized.

Every our liqueur are product by separated infusions of the botanicals, because we use these spices, herbs and fruits in the time of their harvest. 

What do you think about this new beverage trend e how do you think your products will be drink, as after meal digestive or in cocktails recipes?

My experience in this sector pushed me to produce these products that, with pleasing surprise, are doing well on all fronts. We receive congratulations from amaro passionate that drink neat our products and from experts in this field. We are pioneers of bitter cocktails: our Ricettario (cocktail menu) is proving very successful. 

Do you have a cocktail in particular that you would suggest preparing with your products?

Yes, I would like to suggest you our Negroni del Dottore. A twist on classic cocktail made by Domenico Dragone, our Brand Manager.

Here you are the recipe:

1,5 cl Roger Tenere Sotto Banco

1,5 cl Jefferson Amaro Importante

3 cl Frack Amaro Serale no alla Moda

2 cl Gil The Authentic Rural Gin

1 cl Gil Rural Gin Torbato Italiano

Orange Slice 

Your products are quickly proving very successful what is your next target?

I definitely want to work harder on ours bitter liquors and give birth to another product that will be called Madame Milù. The rest will happen by itself…

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